Friday, April 24, 2015

Hey! I've lost 32 Pounds!!!

I had a doctor's appointment today and as usual, they had to weigh me. Normally I dread that, but not today! I got on and was happy to see that I was 32 pounds lighter then my last appointment! Yipee!!

I've been taking this slow. I am still working towards my ultimate goal of reaching my high school weight, but I'm in no big hurry. Now that I have a husband it is important to me that I don't deny him having a relaxing evening meal together and an enjoyable weekend and that usually includes eating out once. He works VERY hard all week and he deserves a little spoiling. I'm always careful about what I order, keeping it low carb, healthy fats, and moderate protein. I find that this compliments my Cambridge days quit well and it doesn't interfere with ketosis.

I was SS 98% of the time when I was losing the bulk of my weight 14 years ago. I had a very long way to go and time was of the essence due to my serious health issues I was dealing with. That is not the case for me now, and this proves that there is more then one way to succeed with Cambridge. Most of my customers strive for sole source,  thinking anything less then that is a failure. Not true! Many of my customers...and now just fine on The Regular Program, adding one small meal a day to their 3 Cambridge servings.

I don't have much further to go and that is exciting, but I'm going to be taking my time. I have a nice balance of Cambridge and healthy food choices and it's working.

So today was a rewarding day and I hope it was also for all of you that read my blog.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Good Article Worth reading

I saw this article in "Huff Post Healthy Living" today and thought it was worth sharing:

Expectations while losing weight can be a tripping hazard and it's best to not have them. You can have goals and milestones, but they should be a guideline, not  a win or lose line drawn in the sand. It may be hard, but it's best to put your focus on following your chosen plan and not judging your progress only on what you see on the scale. If you are following your plan, your body will be shedding the weight at the rate that's appropriate for you, not what others have experienced and certainly not on a scheduled time line. So many things come in to play when it comes to scales. Remember, it is not only weighing your fat content, but also fluids, waste, bone, muscle, all of it in constant fluctuation.

Focus on your chosen plan and let your body take it from there. You will lose the pounds whether you acknowledge them on a scale or not.

Friday, April 10, 2015

How To Stay The Course While Surrounded By Temptations

I know it's hard to stay on any diet while in a family or group setting. I was raising my own 3 kids and running a day care so I was up to my elbows in food 12 hours a day when I was losing my weight. It was tough and I tripped up more then a few times, but I never let it discourage me. You just keep going and doing your best and eventually you get to where you want to be.

Losing and maintaining a weight loss is a job. It's not a temporary job either. It's a life choice and you do it alone for the most part. We are all obligated to make choices for our own best interest if we want to experience good health. If a person lived in a house with smokers, are they obligated to smoke too? They may be more inclined to, but they can choose for themselves if they value their health more then they value being part of the group. Just like that question parents have always asked their kids, "If all your friends were jumping off a cliff, would you jump too?". The same applies to dietary choices. It may be hard to say no to junk food if it is all around your environment, but you are never obligated to put anything in your mouth that you know is potentially harmful to your body. Be your own best advocate!

When you watch one of those TV shows that is about the super obese and how they got that way, that person may share a story of past personal trauma, but then you will often see that the entire family unit is super obese as well, including the previous AND the next generation! This is not necessarily due to one single event or to heredity, but more likely learned behaviors and habits, not to mention the house culture. No parent makes a point of teaching their child how to overeat and become obese. It happens day by day through example and often through issues like co-dependency among family members.

Of course, there is the exception and I am one of them. In a family of 4 siblings, I was the youngest and the only one, other then my mother, with a weight problem . We all ate the exact same thing, no exceptions. No snacking or getting food for ourselves...just what my mom put before us. I was chubby from birth. I inherited my mother's health issues too. She and I battled weight, high blood pressure, and heart problems together, while everyone else in the family was perfectly healthy. I was also a tomboy as she had been, always moving and playing sports, never sedentary, unlike my siblings who were, for the most part, a sedentary bunch. It never made sense, but in our case, heredity played a part. She inherited it from her father.

No matter what hand life has dealt us, we all still have choices to make regarding our personal issues and striving for the best health and quality of life we can. Losing weight is hard, even harder when you are doing it alone in an environment of others that eat mindlessly, but never underestimate your ability to manage or change your own life.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Visualize Your Weight

Hey everyone! I saw this on yahoo this morning and thought it might be helpful for those looking for motivation to stay with their diet. It's called "Visualize Your Weight" and it's an app that lets you upload a picture of your face and then see what you will look like at your goal weight! Awesome!! Sometimes we get so bogged down in the day to day effort of weight loss that we can't see the changes in the mirror, even when we see the numbers on the scale going down. This gives us a little window in to the future.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

I know this may be a difficult day for some of you. If you are having to make decisions regarding food and whether or not to partake of social eating, try not to stress out about it. If you can remain on track today, wonderful! If not, then there is nothing you can't recover from so enjoy your day, your family, your friends. Be mindful of what you do eat and try and eat like the thin healthy version of you that you will soon be. THAT is your normal state and how you will be spending the rest of your life so you may as well practice at it now.

Have a lovely day everyone!