Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Due to a lot going on the past few weeks with my Daughter's cancer medical treatments, I took a break from my modified SSing and practiced eating sensibly. I've done ok, but I am getting back to my program now. It's been a stressful time, and in my past life I would have turned to food for comfort and sedation from the stress. But, food doesn't do that for me anymore.  In fact, I have little to no emotional attachments to food as I had most of my earlier life. Now and then I will get a mild craving for something...but it's typically not something I have hanging around the house so I just let it pass.

 With all the commuting we have been doing for my daughter's medical care, it has been pretty much impossible to stick to my plan, but things will soon be settling least that's what we are hoping. She will be staying out there at Hope Lodge for her radiation treatments with us bringing her home on the weekends. At some point, I will be staying there too when she needs supportive care, but that will be manageable as they provide a kitchen and food storage for each resident. I can bring my blender and my Cambridge with me.

I still have not weighed. I may decide to once I get back in the groove.