Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sitting Like A Lady

Back in the olden days when I was in elementary school ( mid 60's, to 1970) we were required to wear dresses. It wasn't until my last semester in 6th grade that girls were allowed to start wearing pants. I remember always being uncomfortable in a dress because I was a chubby kid with chubby thighs and sitting with my knees together was down right painful at times. All my thin friends had no problem with this of course and even had the ability to sit ladylike with their legs crossed at the knee, something I only aspired to be able to do. This actually became a lifelong measurement of my femininity, sitting comfortably and relaxed with my legs crossed. I do remember one teacher in particular who would make embarrassing comments whenever she was able to see up my skirt while sitting.

It's funny how even today, at the age of 56, I still am aware of how sitting with my legs crossed is important to me. For several decades the thighs would not cooperate and I was right back to elementary school, trying to sit without sprawling. Now, I can casually cross my legs with no resistance and feel perfectly ladylike and feminine. It's the little rewards sometimes that mean the most when you lose a lot of weight.