Sunday, September 24, 2017

Wisdom Teeth Disasters and Hurricane Irma!

It's been a month since I last posted to the blog. Where do I begin to tell the tale of what this past month has been like? I guess I can summarize it by saying it completely sucked. My daughter was supposed to begin her cancer radiation, but first they decided to take out her wisdom teeth the day she was supposed to start. We had already moved her in to Hope Lodge for her stay during her treatments, so after her oral surgery, we moved her back out and brought her home. A few days later she was in the hospital fighting for her life from a very rare infection from the wisdom teeth extraction. We almost lost her. Several surgeries later and a long stay in the ICU, we brought her home to recover. Well...she was once again scheduled to go and get moved in and started, but that day Hurricane Irma decided to strengthen and head right for us! We cancelled again and evacuated for 11 days.

So we are for a THIRD time, all packed up and ready to make the 2 hr drive to the cancer center to begin her treatments. We are all so worn out, both physically and emotionally, that we can hardly get it together, but this time nothing will stop us...knock on wood.

Sad to say that my diet kind of got blown away with the hurricane. I had a couple of weeks of just regular eating and then this past week of just not caring. But, I have my supplies and once I get my daughter settled and I get back home I am going to get back to taking care of myself and that means Cambridge! The few pounds I regained are uncomfortable for me and I don't feel at all like myself so while she is fighting to get her health back on track, I will be doing a lesser version of the same.

My daughter has a GoFundMe page to help pay for her cancer treatments and to lessen the financial burden on my husband and myself. If you would like to contribute I will post the URL below.

Kim Turner's Cancer Treatment GoFundMe page: