Thursday, May 31, 2018

Were's My Chocolate???

If you have noticed that some of your favorite Cambridge flavors are missing from the shopping cart, it is because they are in the middle of a big move. Here is the statement that they sent out today:

"Our warehouse and production plant have been in the process of moving to a new location. We tried to prepare for the move by having plenty of extra stock, but due to unforeseen delays it has put us in a back order situation on many of our products. It could be up 2-4 weeks before some are back in stock. We extremely sorry for any inconvenience!"

In the mean time, this is a good chance to try some of the flavors you've been curious about. If you are a 330 Rich Chocolate fan (currently on back order) then you may want to try the 330 with Tonalin Chocolate Truffle. It too is thick and creamy like the Rich Chocolate.

This is certainly creating a challenge for our customers who are working hard on their weight loss, but this will soon be resolved so DON'T USE THIS AS AN EXCUSE TO QUIT! In a couple of weeks we will be back full steam and you can continue to make progress. So give sme other flavors a try. You may find a new favorite!