Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I know this is mostly a kids event, but it does signal the beginning of the Holiday season. The challenge for each of us is to get through the next 61 days (Jan 1st 2017) without backsliding in our weight loss and abandoning all hope of ever reaching our goals. Halloween is the first day of feeling obligated to have sugary treats in the house "for the kids" and the same in abundance at the workplace. Parties start being thrown and 2 months of celebrating with food, alcohol, and lots and lots of sugar is the hurdle.

I don't expect anyone to be perfect until 2017. If you can be, WOW~! I'm impressed! But it is likely you will have a slip here and there, or maybe even take a diet vacation for each actual holiday, but NEVER use this time of year as an excuse to abuse your body through unhealthy and harmful food choices, justifying it because it's tradition or expected of you by friends and family. No one has the right to challenge you about what you put in your mouth. They can chatter all they want trying to nag or influence you in to diving in, but you alone make that choice.

Each time you say "No" to a food temptation, don't dwell on it, lamenting how sad you feel or deprived. Instead, give yourself a mental "High Five" for being strong and in charge! Food is the catalyst of your obesity. If you don't abuse your body with it, your body has a fighting chance to restore health and balance and well being to you both physically and mentally.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Have you checked out my Cambridge Facebook page?

If you haven't yet, you need to do that now! I post lots of fun and interesting things there every day. Things to encourage and inspire you on your weight loss journey. Go take a look and feel free to post comments!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hurricane Matthew and Cambridge

Living here on Florida's Atlantic coast, my family was affected by the hurricane. We had to evacuate and came home to no power. Our food in both our fridges was spoiled and you couldn't get to the store to replace anything. We are still in recovery mode, dealing with damage and all the extra expenses of hotel rooms, meals out, travel, etc

Cambridge makes a wonderful emergency food supply. It's affordable at under $1.50 per meal. It doesn't take up a lot of space for an entire family's months supply. With Hurricane Matthew, a lot of people panicked and emptied the store shelves for non-perishables as the power would be out for a while and supplies would be limited. Knowing I had my Cambridge and a few gallons of water gave me peace of mind. It fits in a back pack should you need to leave quickly so it also makes a great 72 hour kit food source. 

I would encourage everyone to be prepared for unexpected emergencies such as we faced with Hurricane Matthew, or hardships such as job loss or health issues, making it impossible to work. Having an emergency supply of Cambridge, water, (and for those that don't have extra body fat, a calorie source such as peanut butter or any other shelf stable calorie dense food) can keep you strong and healthy for whatever crisis you are facing.