Thursday, December 27, 2018


Hey guys...I know you're out there! lol! Are you all laying low until 2018 is in the can? I don't blame you. It's been a rough year and I think most of us are hoping for a better 2019.

There is not much we can control in this world. Most everything happens randomly, whether we are prepared for it or not. But what is the one thing that.. technically.. we CAN control? You know what I'm leading up to. That's right. Our choices, especially when it comes to our choices about diet and exercise. No one force feeds us. No one holds us back when we want to move. We are free to make good choices for ourselves, regardless of what is going on around us. It is the one thing we can control...of should control. But, as we all know, controlling ourselves can be harder then controlling climate change or politics or the price of your cable bill!

It takes a lot to make a major life change, especially if you expect it to happen all at once. It won't. It happens one choice at a time. Baby steps. When babies are learning to walk, sometimes they fall, but have you ever seen a baby not immediately try to stand right back up? They never give up and neither should you! It doesn't matter how many times you have fallen. There is going to be a day when you are standing strong and feeling empowered and in charge of your choices. Food does not control you. Your thoughts do. Once you get your thoughts in line with your desires and goals, losing weight and getting fit will be your new obsession! I can 100% promise you that there is not one single bite of food, (or an entire buffet for that matter!)  that is worth sacrificing your quality of life.

So take these last few days of 2018 and really do some soul searching and truth seeking. Your personal truth about how you've managed yourself and your choices. How many excuses or justifications you've made. How many times you were filled with regret, promising yourself to do better and be stronger. The jabbering that goes on in our heads can feel chaotic at times, but truth is quiet, peaceful, forgiving, positive. I believe that honesty with self is more a part of succeeding at weight loss then willpower.

Enough of my ramblings. I hope you have all had a lovely holiday season and are ready to welcome in the New Year with hope and enthusiasm and determination, but most of all a desire to be truthful to yourself and the peaceful knowledge that you have everything you need to make your desires for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle a reality. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Emotional Work

Doing Cambridge has it's own set of special emotions. It challenges our food issues, our sense of self esteem, our learned behaviors, conditioning from our youth, and so many other parts of our personalities. It's a LOT! Plus, eating is enjoyable and social and comforting...usually. Sometimes, for those of us with compulsive eating disorders, it can become a weapon of self destruction and loneliness. I remember my lowest times of my eating disorder, almost feeling like I was beating myself up with food. Probably sounds overly dramatic to those with lessor or different issues then I was dealing with, but it's the best way to describe what I was doing. It was a violent act against myself.

What I realized, as I progressed through this emotional maze of weight loss, was that 99% of my  viewpoint and my internal dialog was negative. I grew up a chubby kid and weight had ALWAYS been the focal point of my life. I visualized it like a wagon wheel, obesity being the hub and all other aspects of life branched off from it. Every choice I made in life had my obesity at it's center. There were no goals or ambitions made from a desire to lead a full and rewarding life. So many lost opportunities.

It was a process that took time, my emotional recovery. It was like building myself a new house to live in, brick by brick. Eventually, momentum kicked in and the bricks started seating themselves.

I consider myself a fully recovered compulsive addictive eater. That person is so far buried in my past, I can not even comprehend that was me. I still struggle with some things. I never did reach my ultimate goal of my high school weight. Not even close! lol!. But I have managed to maintain well enough to have made up for some of all those lost opportunities. The past 17 years have been some of the best, and most heartbreaking, but my miracle is that I have been able to experience these normal life events without turning to food or any other substance to cope. I'm happy about that.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Were's My Chocolate???

If you have noticed that some of your favorite Cambridge flavors are missing from the shopping cart, it is because they are in the middle of a big move. Here is the statement that they sent out today:

"Our warehouse and production plant have been in the process of moving to a new location. We tried to prepare for the move by having plenty of extra stock, but due to unforeseen delays it has put us in a back order situation on many of our products. It could be up 2-4 weeks before some are back in stock. We extremely sorry for any inconvenience!"

In the mean time, this is a good chance to try some of the flavors you've been curious about. If you are a 330 Rich Chocolate fan (currently on back order) then you may want to try the 330 with Tonalin Chocolate Truffle. It too is thick and creamy like the Rich Chocolate.

This is certainly creating a challenge for our customers who are working hard on their weight loss, but this will soon be resolved so DON'T USE THIS AS AN EXCUSE TO QUIT! In a couple of weeks we will be back full steam and you can continue to make progress. So give sme other flavors a try. You may find a new favorite!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Day 1, Cake For Breakfast

The past few months I have made a some halfhearted attempts to lose some weight and get back on track with my health habits. Maybe more like quarterhearted. lol! Getting careless while getting older is not a good combo. My goal has always been to age gracefully while living an active healthy life. I've worked hard for many years to achieve that, including weight loss..knee removal...and exercise. So why drop the ball when I turn 59? Makes no sense, but said ball was dropped and dropped HARD!

Last night I put my Cambridge on the counter and everything I use to make my Cambridge Chocolate Lava cake. I didn't want to wake up with lost momentum and change my mind. I got up, poured my coffee, and 3 minutes later I had mixed and microwave baked this:

It was a perfect start to my day. It's 2:43 as I type this post to my blog and I have also enjoyed a Rich Vanilla Shake with Watkins caramel flavor. Yummy! I'm feeling good and confident that I will complete this day successfully and continue on to Day 2.

I don't know why I got so careless the past couple of months. I know the consequences and the price I pay with weight gain and poor health. Oh looking back. Only forward and no more nonsense! I'm SSing to get back on track with my weight and my numbers (blood sugar, BP, etc) and if you would like to join me, please do! 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Before Considering Weight Loss Surgery....

If you have been considering gastric bypass surgery, I want to encourage you to first give Cambridge Diet a try. Consider this...your digestive tract is not the reason you are overweight. Why take a functioning GI tract and cut it up? It would be like amputating your arm because your foot itches! Controlling your eating along with the habits and behaviors that got you overweight is the logical correction. Gastric surgery can not guarantee a permanent solution to what drives your obesity. it can temporarily restrict your capacity for food, but many patients learn how to override that restriction and they gain the weight back. At some point in our lives we MUST take responsibility for our choices and behaviors and stop making excuses. Weight loss takes commitment and discipline. Both good attributes to have, right? You are that person in every other area of your life. Why not your health? Cambridge is a wonderful way to simplify the mechanics of reducing caloric intake while providing complete balances nutrition. This leaves you free to do the emotional work absolutely required to make this a permanent life change.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

April Monthly Special

Beginning April 1st

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Facebook Page

Hey readers! Just in case you may not already know, I have a Facebook page for Cambridge Diet that you might find interesting. I share news, inspirational thoughts, specials, even some things to give you something to laugh about.  Click on the link below and go have a look. Be sure to "Like" and Share the page too!