Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Due to a lot going on the past few weeks with my Daughter's cancer medical treatments, I took a break from my modified SSing and practiced eating sensibly. I've done ok, but I am getting back to my program now. It's been a stressful time, and in my past life I would have turned to food for comfort and sedation from the stress. But, food doesn't do that for me anymore.  In fact, I have little to no emotional attachments to food as I had most of my earlier life. Now and then I will get a mild craving for something...but it's typically not something I have hanging around the house so I just let it pass.

 With all the commuting we have been doing for my daughter's medical care, it has been pretty much impossible to stick to my plan, but things will soon be settling least that's what we are hoping. She will be staying out there at Hope Lodge for her radiation treatments with us bringing her home on the weekends. At some point, I will be staying there too when she needs supportive care, but that will be manageable as they provide a kitchen and food storage for each resident. I can bring my blender and my Cambridge with me.

I still have not weighed. I may decide to once I get back in the groove.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


The title of a David Bowie song that I sang to Andy this morning. It seemed appropriate. He had gotten in to a habit of resting his hands on the top of his belly like a 9 month pregnant women while sitting on the couch. He plopped down this morning and out of habit he put his hands on what used to be his belly and they fell to his lap. He looked so surprised that it made me laugh! I handed him a pillow and told him it was his prosthetic tummy. (lol)

My changes are also noticeable. No more "chub rub" as my daughter calls it when your thighs rub together while walking. I noticed that stopped a few weeks ago and it almost made it seem as though my legs had gotten longer! Other changes are happening and most of them are good. I do notice that some things are getting looser and wobblier, but that's to be expected I guess. Small price to pay. With the additions I add to my 3 Cambridges each day (eggwhite, almond milk, coffee creamer, some green veg like spinach or cabbage) I am in a good weight loss pattern that is comfortable and satisfying. I am confident I will reach my goal.

I know it's a struggle to lose weight. I know we fight mental battles and get discouraged or feel like we just can't change...but we can! Of course we can! Just as you are not the same person you were 5, 10, or 20 years ago, you can be a different, better version of yourself beginning right now. Andy gave up the first time he tried Cambridge. He absolutely fell apart and had an emotional breakdown and was sure he was going to die! lol! joke. It was his mind set that made the difference. He got those bad blood work reports and had a change of heart. The second attempt was made with a purpose and determination that he was not going to neglect his health and risk a recurrence of vascular disease that had resulted in a triple heart bypass 6 years ago. Never underestimate your ability to change!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Wow! I'm so delinquent!

I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted. We've had a lot going on here in our family and it's kept me on the road a lot. My daughter was diagnosed with a parotid tumor that had to come out. She had that surgery a little over 3 weeks ago. Maybe 4? Anyway, it turned out to be a rare form of cancer so there have been lots of day long trips to Gainsville where her doctor's and cancer center are and we are now preparing for her to have a couple of months of radiation. This is all so scary and we are doing our best to remain positive.

As far as my weight loss goes...I am still losing. I have still not weighed. I am back in the pool and in fact, just got out from getting my exercise. I've worked back up to 16 lengths. I'm not counting laps because I'm no where near where I was last year. My shoulder/elbow/wrist pain is finally abating after 6 months of misery and I'm working my way back.

I was surprised when I saw myself in the mirror in my swimsuit. I really haven't paid a lot of attention to how my weight loss is changing me and I was kind of amazed! This was one of those days that it suddenly showed a LOT. I must of crossed over in to a weight I haven't been at in a long time. It's kind of intriguing to have no idea what I weigh or how much I've lost.

Andy has lost about 35 pounds! He's completely lost his belly and all his pants are falling off. Time to go shopping!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Quick update

Just to let my readers husband and I are still going strong on our diets! Yes...he has hung in there for 49 and lost 25 pounds so far. He only has about 18 more to get to his goal of 190. I am on day 53. I still haven't weighed but I'm shrinking! lol! We've really done well doing this together. I'm proud of him and of us!

I hope you are making progress to your goals. There is no better feeling then of being in control of your choices and behaviors, then reaping the benefits of better health and knowing it shows.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

DAY 29!!!!!!

Wow! I can't even believe it! I am actually on day 29 of my diet. Time is flying by and I am very happy with the changes I am seeing. All my shirts are getting very loose on me and I got in to a pair of pants today that I haven't felt comfortable wearing in over a year and a half. All together a good day. My husband Andy is 5 days behind me and he is doing remarkably well. He will be weighing in tomorrow so I'm looking forward to seeing his numbers. His tummy has melted away and he feels so much better.

For the most part, I have maintained the majority of my weight loss from 16 years ago. I can fluctuate as much as 15 or even 20 pounds, but never more then that and as soon as I notice, I get right back to Cambridge and get rid of it ASAP. The first week in Feb, before my emergency gall bladder removal, I had lost 8 lbs of my holiday weight gain. Then I ended up in the ER getting my zombie gall bladder removed. I regained that 8 lbs and then some because I was SO hungry afterwards. Well..that weight is a distant memory now, gone and forgotten. I am now on track for reaching my ultimate goal. I'm still not weighing because I will know when I get there and weighing messes with my head big time. Ignorance is bliss whilst losing weight!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Progress Report

I am on day 23 of my diet! Wow..time is going by quickly. I still haven't weighed and don't plan on it any time soon. I just don't want that distraction. Other then a few additions when I make my Cambridge Oats pancakes or gingerbread cake, or my Chocolate Lava Cake (recipes in previous post) I have been for the most part sole source. Now and then I will grab a slice of turkey breast sandwich meat, but that was mostly in the first week.

My husband is on day 18 and is doing great too. I'm watching his tummy melt away. He has his 3 servings of Cambridge a day along with a big salad for dinner. It consists of half a head of lettuce, some cucumber, green onions, tomato and 2 grilled chicken tenders. He uses a Zesty diet Italian dressing on it. He has been weighing and so far has lost 14.5 pounds.

 I am in that weird phase where my clothes are getting loose and even longer. I know I'm losing, and everyone tells me I am, but I don't see the changes in the mirror. I suppose a life time of dieting and a past of extreme obesity has left me with some body dysmorphic issues. No worries. I am just going to keep plugging along and I will judge my progress by when I can get back in to my skinny pants.