Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Hopeful Message

I want to give some hope to those who are striving to reach their weight loss goal. Most of us have a history of dieting and gaining, then dieting and gaining again, over and over. We end up having so little faith in our ability to really change.Deep down we believe that our weight loss will never be more then a temporary blip and we will go right back to our old ways and gain it all over again. As a lifelong out of control compulsive eater, I never believed I could ever be anything different. The process of transitioning out of that was long and slow, but for the past 8 years I have felt it was no longer a part of me. The memories and thoughts will always be there, but the physical ability is not and the self abusive behavior that fueled it is dead. I know that we have all been told that addicts will always have to see themselves as someone in danger of relapse if they let their guard down, but even though there are so many similarities among the various kids of addictions, I have learned that food addiction is possible to transition out of permanently with time and desire. Eventually your body chemistry changes and you just lose the sensation of reward that food is now giving you. It's just isn't there. This is how I have experienced it anyway. As I said, it was a slow process and not without some backsliding and do-overs, but I now find myself free of any food related compulsions. It's been long enough now that I no longer fear it is in me to ever go back.
So I guess this is my wish for each of you here.. be hopeful that the work you are doing now is bringing you to a place of healing and recovery that CAN be permanent.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Anniversary and Birthday

Today is my 4th anniversary of marriage to my loving husband, Andy. I will be forever grateful for when this old cowboy viewed my profile on We ended up meeting when we never would have otherwise. He began proposing to me on our first date. Either he was crazy, or insightful.

This month I also turn 57. The same age my sister turned right before her death 2 years ago. I can't comprehend being at the end of my life as she was the month of her 57th birthday. I'm just getting started! But as we know, none of us are guaranteed another day or hour.

Some people say, Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die. But what they don't think about is how much quality of life is lost by living irresponsibly. Life in an unhealthy struggling body is not ideal. I know. I lived in one for 20 years. I told my self it was bad genes, but that was a lie. For some people the option of a healthy body is not in their hands. But for most it is completely a matter of choice. We can be mindful of the choices we make that impact our health and that offer us an active fulfilled experience during our turn on Earth, or we can be careless and pay the price.