Monday, December 29, 2014

Don't Miss Out On The December Special! FREE PRODUCT!

Hey everyone! Don't miss out on the December Special. Place an order in the month of December and receive a FREE CAN OF FFL EGGNOG! This is one of my favorite flavors. SOOO good! All you have to do is place your order before January 1st and be sure to  note "December Special" in the comment box when ordering. That's it! What a great way to begin the New Year!

Friday, December 26, 2014

54 Day Countdown! goes. I had my 100 (actually 99) days of SS count down to my 56 birthday and ended up taking a break for Christmas. I haven't been weighing or really doing anything other then just being careful, but I definitely feel like I gained some of my weight back. New Years is a non-event in our house so the celebrating is OVER! Tomorrow I begin my 54 day countdown to my 56 Birthday goal. My wonderful son gave me an ice cream maker for Christmas so I finally get to experiment with some Cambridge ice cream! My husband also gave me a very nice Cuisinart Immersion blender with all sorts of attachments and a perfectly sized container that will be great for really blending the ice. I'm all set!

I'm having tons of new traffic on my site so others are searching for their answer to weight loss for the New Year. No doubt, a lot of the visitors are old friends that are back to try again. It's never too late to lose the weight and restore your health! We all have a clean slate in front of us.

                                                          2015, Time To Get Lean!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Just A Few More Days

For those that are waiting to get Christmas over to once again commit to their weight loss program, it's only a few more days. If you're waiting until after the New Year, well...that's another story. Always waiting for the perfect time to diet is pointless as there is always another holiday or event coming up. Trying to make progress in between can mean  a lot of effort for not a lot of progress. Don't waste those in between days. Make them count too. 5 days of work is not cancelled out by one day of play, as long as you give it your best.

Jan 1st will be here soon enough and then for the most part, the excuses dry up for a while. For those who are SSing or attempting to and making progress, or even just maintaining (which is also an accomplishment!) well done! Real life demands that we make tough choices and sacrifice what we want in the moment, for what we want most in the future.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Yucky week

I've had some kind of virus these past few days and have felt unmotivated to do much of anything other then the necessary holiday preps. One of the many bad things about my husband working at Walmart is that it is a hot bed of germs. He gets sick so often from all the people that not only are shopping there while sick as dogs, but the other employees as well. No one gets sick days so they show up spreading whatever they have to everyone else. It's ridiculous. I ran a day care for 20 years with constantly sick kids and parents in my home and never caught as many things as I have the past 2 years that he's been working there.

So poor Andy is at work today, feeling horrible. My energy is at 0, but at least my head is clear now. I can't imagine how tired he must be right now with another hour and a half to go.(cry)

Needless to say, I have not gotten back to my program. No excuses. It's a week and a half to Christmas and I'm just putting weight loss on the back burner until then. I'm still having my Cambridge of course, but not worrying about the scale for the moment.

Sorry I have not been as supportive as I would have liked to have been, but we're all dealing with the extra burdens of holiday expectations and duties which will soon be behind us. I fully expect to be back 100% come Dec 26th. Until then...survival mode.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Oh You Holidays! What Am I going To Do With You?

Here are my thoughts. It would be awesome if we could all SS right through the New Year. If able to do that, then by all means do it! Most of us seem to be kind of aiming for perfection during the most difficult time of year, but falling short. I believe that the one thing you do NOT want to do when trying to lose weight is allow any negative thoughts take over.

I had intended to SS right through the holidays and straight to my birthday on Feb 18th. I had completed about 12 or 13 days sole source, and then had Thanksgiving. Since then I have not felt motivated to get back to it and I have felt kind of bad about it, not to mention physically just blah. I realized that for now, my goal is good enough if it is just not to gain anything over the holidays. So what I'm going to do is get back in the habit of having Cambridge very day and  consider what I eat carefully and be sure it is worth it. It's not an all or nothing thing, or at least it doesn't have to be. I want to keep my attitude positive. I want to retain my Cambridge habit. I want to weigh every day for now to be sure I am not gaining ANYTHING and I also want to feel free to eat if I choose until Christmas. Then it will be a full on focused effort to my birthday. I realize that my birthday is just a day on the calendar and I've never been much of a believer of setting myself up with a deadline before, but turning 56 is kind of major to me and I do want to begin my 56th year in better shape then I am today.

Each of us has to develop our own strategy for getting through this annual food fest without doing too much damage, physically or mentally. I just want to be sure that no one sets them self up for any negative thoughts if they can't be perfect for the next few weeks. There is no one right answer, other then to be sure that you are keeping a positive outlook at this evolution we call weight loss.