Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Good Report Card!

Last week, a couple of days before my kidney stone adventure, I had a scheduled day at the lab for complete blood work and Urinalysis. Years ago, before my weight loss, I was a total train wreck when it came to the numbers. Everything was too high or too low. I hadn't gotten things checked in a few years so I wanted to see how things were doing. I got my results today. It's so awesome! You can have them emailed to you now! Anyway...everything is spot on target! Everything!

I'm 56 now and I have a history of diabetes, vascular disease, hypertension, congestive heart failure, gout, and a long list of stuff I can't even remember. I have to say...I'm pretty proud of those results! Considering that I passed a kidney stone the next day I was surprised to see there was no detected blood or anything else in the urinalysis to indicate any kidney problems.

Anyone that thinks they can't do anything about their lifestyle and related health conditions needs to kick that thinking to the curb. You CAN make changes that will change the course of your future health and it is so worth it. Cambridge was my springboard to good health and I am eternally grateful.