Monday, May 23, 2016

Changes And Challenges

If there's one thing that life teaches us.. it's that it happens while we are busy making plans.

We come to the beginning of our Cambridge journey with a common plan, to lose the weight and get healthy. We have no way of knowing what twists and turns our life may take along the way, and it can get pretty twisted at times! When you consider all that is required of us to succeed at this, it is not unlike a master juggler keeping all his objects in the air, even if the floor tilts or someone tosses in a few more items to the mix. It's no small task and requires a whole new collection of skills and practice.

Typically, when faced with challenges, we would self medicate with food and ignore a lot of the emotional and physical issues we are dealing with. "Drug of choice" and all that. Being stripped of that coping tool can cause some panic with the realization of how dependent we have become on comfort eating, or how much in denial we may be about our personal struggles. While you may have been prepared for the physical demands of being on a restricted diet, you probably were caught unprepared for the emotional ones.

As you begin, (or continue) your Cambridge experience, go in to it knowing that at times you will be required to face emotions you may want to pacify with food, or you may suddenly be faced with a health crisis that you will want to escape from temporarily by self medicating in the same way. These old habits and behaviors need to be removed from your arsenal of coping tools. Finding their replacement is part of the goal when changes and challenges come your way.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Research On Biggest Loser Contestants

The research that has been done with cast members of season 8 "Biggest Loser" has been interesting to say the least. Scientists followed 14 of the 16 contestants of the Biggest Loser for 6 years to try and understand why all but one of them gained the weight back, some even heavier then they were before the show. Their findings support what the obese community has known all along. The over simplification of "eat less, move more" and you will be thin is contrary to what was found. Also, the concept of the metabolism slowing down is being clarified.

It's valuable for dieters to understand going in to weight loss what their long term lifestyle will be to maintain it. It's also time we stop body shaming people who lose and then regain their weight. It's like shaming someone for limping after breaking their leg. Science has proven that for many, if not most of successful dieters, our metabolisms remain compromised and it is up to us to find that delicate balance of nutrition, activity, and acceptance of our circumstances to maintain a healthy weight, mind, and body.