Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day 5.5 And My Breakfast Brownie!

This morning I made a chocolaty brownie for my breakfast. Oops! I meant a chocolaty CAMBRIDGE brownie!I didn't measure anything so I may not be able to duplicate it, but this thing was delicious! In fact, my very picky son came out of his room and said, "Did you make brownies?" lol!

Basically I took an egg white (17 cal) and whisked it up until frothy. I added a scoop of my perfect blend 330 Rich/Dutch Chocolate Cambridge, then about a T of cocoa powder (12 Cal) and the same amount of Splenda. I added about 1/4 t of baking powder and about 1 T of sugar free mocha coffee flavored creamer (20 cal). I also plopped in about 1/2 tsp of melted coconut oil (18 cal). It made a thick pasty dough/batter. Then I had to decide how to cook/bake it. I patted it in to a large thick cookie size. I first put it in a skillet with a little cooking spray with a lid on the pan. I thought this was a good idea but then realized it was burning too quickly on the bottom. I turned it over on to a little microwave safe plate and finished it off in the micro. As soon as it was firm to touch I took it out. It only took a few seconds. I let it cool completely as that definitely improves the flavor of the chocolate Cambridge baked items. Oh my goodness! This was so delicious! The texture was perfect and the flavor was spot on. In all I added about 67 calories to my total. I won't be adding anything else to my shakes today so that is within my allowed additions.

I don't have any of the Oats at the moment (should be getting my order this coming week, yay!) which is my normal go to SSing breakfast. I usually make my Super Oats pancakes and I just wasn't in the mood to have a shake in this morning . But a brownie? YES PLEASE!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Day 3.5 and "Recalculating"

I'm excited to be back on track. I already feel so much better then I did a week ago. Cambridge never fails me! As long as I keep my mind focused on what I want to accomplish, I will certainly be able to achieve it.

While I have for the most part maintained my weight loss of 16 years ago, I find that as I get older I have to work a little harder to feel my best and not let the pounds creep back on. This gall bladder surgery I had in Feb took me on a detour that I am now "recalculating" as the GPS lady would say.

For some reason I was incredibly hungry for about a month after surgery. It had been years since I experienced hunger so this was unexpected. The zombie gall bladder that I had been living with had completely killed my appetite for a long time and eating had become just something required, but not enjoyed. Well...that changed! lol! I have to admit I embraced feeling alive again and found that having an appetite can be a wonderful thing, but of course it also must be controlled. I did gain some weight, but enjoyed it greatly! Now I am feeling more normal appetite wise and this was a good time to get back to mindful living.

Maintaining a healthy body and weight is a job. One that you can take a vacation from periodically, but eventually you have to go back to work. The paycheck is feeling great and fully engaged in life. Being addicted to food or compulsive eating behaviors separates you from your best life. It becomes the thing before all other things that you think about. That's not living!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day 1.5, Done!

Just on my way to bed after a successful sole source day. I started yesterday evening so it's nice to know I actually have more then 1 day accomplished. I spent a good amount of the day in the bathroom and dropped some excess water weight...always a good thing for me. I plan to continue on tomorrow and hope for another good day. I will be having some stitches removed from my most recent skin cancer wide excision so I am looking forward to that. Well...not the removal exactly...just having them out. Super itchy!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Long time, No blogging

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I last wrote anything here. I've had a lot going on in my family that has kept me distracted from my normal life. These past few months have been very challenging for me and as people tend to do, I have been less then on top of things diet wise. I had my gall bladder surgery in Feb and the recovery was not fun, but now I'm feeling good in that regard. some do...I managed to gain some weight post-op. My appetite was on fire and I probably doubled what I normally eat! Well..maybe not double..but enough to put back on the 8 pounds I had lost the week before surgery and probably another 10 on top of that! EEEK!!I also had to put down my much loved cat of 18 years, Mitzie. It was heartbreaking and added to all the other emotional issues going on. I am ready to get control of things again. I decided to begin Cambridge SS mid-day today. Not tomorrow morning like people typically do. I like to start for Dinner and then that way I get to sleep through a lot of the first 24 hours! Brilliant, right?

In a couple of weeks our pool should be at swimming temp. I am looking forward to having the exercise. But first I have to be able to get in my swim suit so thank goodness for Cambridge! Here is a pic of my beautiful Mitzie. The most wonderful cat in the world. I miss her terribly.